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Russia Forum New York - Speakers

Annual U.S. - Russia Conference

Bilateral trade and investment are not static. Deeply intertwined, they shape economic growth, development and industry competitiveness, affecting lives everywhere. Short political cycles, short-term investment horizons, a lack of viable financing structures, and a lack of long-term vision mean that much needed investment does not flow where they should.

RFNY past speakers include:

Ambassador Sergey Kislyak at RFNY

Sergey Kislyak


Embassy of Russian Federation to the United States

Dmitry Akhanov at RFNY

Dmitry Akhanov



Lorraine Hariton at RFNY

Lorraine Hariton

Special Representative

Economic and Business Affairs, U.S. Department of State

Charles Bausman at RFNY

Charles Bausman

Founder and Editor

Russia Insider News Site

Dmitry Akhanov at RFNY

Marcos Troyjo

Co-founder and co-director

BRICLab at Columbia University

Lorraine Hariton at RFNY

Alexander Stadnik


Trade Representation of Russia in the USA

Charles Bausman at RFNY

Derek Norberg

Executive Director RAPP

Council for U.S.-Russia Relations

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